Thursday, February 25, 2010


My friend Dan Keplinger was the guest speaker last night for Kennesaw State University's Chautauqua Lecture Series. Rightfully so, there was a big "to-do" about his coming. There was a formal reception before the event with a beautiful spread of hors d'oeuvres. Look...there were sliced apples in the punch, people. It was a beautiful, pleasant, dignified environment...for the moment.

I entered the building and could barely contain myself. I had never been inside this building and had no idea where the reception would be. My head was like an owl, swiveling around looking for the right place.

Then it happened. I peered around the corner and saw Dan from a distance. Before anyone knew it, Dan had flopped out of his chair and onto the floor. I heard a symphony of gasps and shrieks from onlookers. I broke through the clearly marked barrier. My hat flew off, my bags (including my camera) hit the ground, and for the next two minutes we rolled on the floor (LITERALLY) hugging, screaming, laughing. A crowd quickly gathered and camera flashes popped like lightning bugs.

After the screening of the film during the Q & A, someone said that they had never seen anything like that before and wanted to know what happened. As best as anyone could, Dena described the connection between the three of us. She then proceeded to call me on stage to reenact what happened. [I'm going to get you back, Dena!!]

Later that night while we were hanging out at Dick's condo, she said she hadn't seen him go that bananas since the Oscars. I told her I hadn't been that out of control since the night we went to the O'Death concert and danced in the rain at 3AM to Natalie Merchant afterwards.

If anyone out there has pictures of that moment last night, please share them with me! I would love to have them. Email me at

Dan Keplinger is the writer, artist, and subject of the Academy Award Winning & HBO Documentary Film KING GIMP. He is featured above in this Cingular Superbowl Commercial from 2001.

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