Photo of us taken by our friend...Toronto's super-cool: Loni Schick

He’s a country boy from a small rural town in deep South Georgia with a love of vintage neckties, documentary filmmaking, and eclectic music. She’s a valley girl from suburban SoCal enamored by international travel, crossword puzzles, and etsy-style sewing projects. Both are moved by the ability to capture life in a moment’s notice through the art of photography–a mutual love they discovered within five minutes of their first meeting. They are Kari and Carlton Mackey, a husband and wife photography team that spent many an early date together with vintage cameras in hand wandering the streets of the Bay Area and later Atlanta in search of once-in-a-lifetime images. Today, they make up My True VISION Photography and are more in love with their craft than ever. And now, thanks to the recent arrival of their first-born son, they are even more sensitive to life’s precious and fleeting moments.

We are Kari and Carlton Mackey, 
your typical photographers.

Well...maybe not.

"Try Something Different"