Friday, September 28, 2012

Mackey feat. in Fulton County Art Program and Southwest Art Center's Eye to the World Photo Exhibit

Yaaay!  I'm delighted to have my first pieces in an Atlanta Celebrates Photography show...thanks to the Fulton County Public Art ProgramSouthwest Arts Center, and Briana Camelo.

Gearing up for the Fulton county Public Art Program and Southwest Arts Center for Performance and Gallery Eye to the World Art Exhibit:  Images of the World Captured by Fulton County Public Art Program and Artists Registry Photographers.  Photographers Terrell Clark, Carlton Mackey, Judity Pishnery John David Raper, Marcia Vaitsman

Shout out to Lori, Steve, and to the good folks (I'd like to call them family now) at Artifacts who are my go to framers. 

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