Thursday, February 3, 2011

Elegant Atlanta Wedding Reception...Priceless Words from a GREAT Friend

My husband and I had a destination wedding but held our reception celebration in Atlanta. When it was time to work on the photography details of the evening, I already knew I wanted Carlton Mackey as the photographer. Carlton is not only a co-worker but a friend. I am fan of his style of shooting and enjoy looking at his online photo albums. When Carlton and I sat down to discuss my true vision of our reception, I simply told him,
I want you to be there as the photographer but get close enough to me, as my friend.
And that is exactly what he did. Carlton, my friend, was a guest at our reception and interacted with our friends and family. But Carlton the photographer had the camera on point, ready and captured those same family and friends hugs, smiles and good times.

When he showed me the collection of shots, I sat and stared at my computer for hours. It was like he showed me a part of my reception, I did not see. I kept asking him “when did you take this picture?” It was like I was able to replay that wonderful night, over again. Our pictures were like a docu-album. It told a story of love, family, friends and new beginnings and captured precious moments in time.

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*Special thanks to Melissa Creary for assisting me at this wedding in Kari's absence! Check out her blog

FRIENDS: Carlton Mackey and Tanya Anderson

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  1. Ah man, I love that final picture....UUUAAAA!!!!! -TMoney