Monday, August 9, 2010

Beautiful Boulder Colorado Farm Wedding...Returning a Huge Favor

5 years ago Kari and I were in need of a big favor. After it became clear to us that our wedding photographer who had (let's just say) magically disappeared was not going reappear in time for our wedding, we called on a friend to help. Just two weeks before our wedding, Lewis got a ticket to Atlanta and committed to shoot our wedding. He literally saved our wedding. When we found out that Lewis was engaged to his gorgeous bride Brit, we gave him a call and asked if we could return the favor. We were so glad he said yes. Ladies and Gentleman join us in celebrating the marriage of our friends Brit and Lewis in their one-of-a-kind Boulder Colorado wedding on Lone Hawk Farm. Photography by Atlanta based wedding photographers Kari and Carlton Mackey. My True Vision Photography |

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