Monday, October 12, 2009

America's Next Top Model...I Mean Wedding Party

VISION Photography Proudly Presents: The Wedding Celebration of Steve and Tiffany Berry.

Simply put...Our straight forward instructions from the bride were:
"Don't do anything typical."

View the slideshow below to see the outcome.


  1. You guys did it again. Simply wonderful.

    Luv Poc.

  2. Jumped on your blog through Geezeez Comment Page!

    I absolutely love photography.
    Following your blog...
    We should network, I do custom photo greeting cards for all ocassions, stationery & Unique Gifts. Stop by sometime!

  3. AWESOME! I only wish that I was getting married again so that I could have such a shoot. Love to feature you on my blog.

  4. SHUT UP! you guys are too cute (in regard to the photos a few posts below). Thank you for your email!! I am pleased to have the opportunity to follow, experience your outstanding photography and beautiful outlook! Xo Emma