Thursday, July 16, 2009

One City, Two Tales

Siena is about 18km that way. It is a charming city in Tuscany rich with culture and history. Its architecture and its culture have been preserved from medieval times. It is a very tight knit, community (contrada) based city that welcomed us with open arms. Thanks to Franco we were able to be far more than tourists. We were able to temporarily feel as if we belonged to a contrada. Civetta was that proud, fierce contrada. With Civetta, we were able to temporarily share in the exhilaration, the anticipation, the joy, and (yes) the pain leading up to an event that is unlike any other I've ever witnessed -The Palio di Siena. More on The Palio to come

All of the photos above tell half of the tale of this captivating city -one where locals buy food daily from small markets, where kids play soccer on narrow stone streets, where men converse about today's news, where the contrada sustains life. But twice a year, Siena and this medieval square known as Piazza del Campo are transformed. The images below are from the "trials" leading up to the Palio. Wait till you see it tomorrow.

Photography by Kari and Carlton Mackey


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