Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nicaragua: Unexpected Experiences, New Friends, and Warm Smiles

Nothing could have prepared me for all the amazing opportunities Nicaragua would bring. I met people and had experiences that were never planned.

I met Mark Stover who runs the non-profit HOPE OF JOSHUA at dinner one evening and later headed out to a rural part of the country, Monte Fresco, with him to see first hand the work he was doing. 

Meeting Mark proved to be a blessing on so many levels.  When the trip was over, it was actually Mark who took me to the airport.  We prayed together in his Land Cruiser, El Tigre Blanco (you'll see how it got the name in later photos), and I've been thinking about his hospitality ever since.  While in Monte Fresco with Mark, I was able to capture these images, make new friends, and experience again the endless warmth of the people of Nicaragua.  

More to Come.

Photos by Carlton Mackey

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