Monday, February 20, 2012

Good Ole Google Search - The Making of a Photo Shoot

I love love love photographing friends and family.  Because we don't advertise, I am ecstatic when friends and family are thoroughly pleased with our work and tell other friends and family.  That is how we have grown over the years.  But when someone comes to us with no prior connection whatsoever -indeed through just some good ole fashion google searching, it means so much.

There are more photographers than you can count in this city.  To weed through all of them and seek out My True VISION Photography, is a huge affirmation.  I'm humbled and grateful.

Whether you catch the acting bug like this gentleman and want to do some headshots or you want to be Tinkerbell Ballerina for the day, we'd love to work creatively with you.

Photos by Carlton Mackey.

Make Up by Chevon Dominique

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