Wednesday, November 9, 2011

UPDATE: Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the City Manolo Blahnik Shoes feat. in My True Vision Photo Spread

How's that for sensationalism a headline?  Ha!

Thanks to the keen eye...and overindulgence in popular culture of a beloved My True Vision Photography fan (Thanks Ling!), it was brought to our attention that the Blue Satin Manolo Blahnik wedding shoes of Gingi Nixon photographed by Kari in our (Jamaica Destination Beach) wedding prep spread were  borrowed directly from the set of the Sex and the City Movie originally featured in the Sex and the City movie.

After some serious google investigative reporting we found this information:

It was when Carrie Bradshaw in an episode of Sex and the City begged a mugger to take anything but her Manolo Blahniks that the shoe designer, already famous among haute couture circles, also became famous to mainstream shoppers. By the way, the mugger knew a good deal when he saw one and left taking only the shoes.

These gorgeous royal blue pumps played an important role in the Sex and the City movie… from helping Carrie Bradshaw feel at home in her new closet to bringing people together, the pumps were almost the 5th main character in the long awaited movie.

Covered in regal royal blue satin, it features a stunning crystal detail on the vamp which is encased in silver tone hardware. And they’re not just any pair of Manolo’s, they were designed especially for the movie.

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