Monday, October 31, 2011

Enjoying the Journey: An Atlanta Grant Park Engagement Shoot (Brunch) with Sara and Dane

We don't take for granted what it means for any couple to invite us into their lives to capture some of their most precious and important moments.  It is also a unique honor (and challenge) to have folks who you love and know very well trust you to do the same.  Sara and Dane are very special to Kari and I.  They are the loving, sincere, artistic, compassionate, hilarious couple who along with some other radical, alternative, justice seekers make up a group we like to call "The Revolutionaries".  Among this group of friends, you'll always be loved, challenged, pushed, uplifted, supported, forced to be honest, and encouraged to "Enjoy the Journey".

Thanks to Sara and Dane for letting us spend a few moments with them before they said I Do...and thanks for the breakfast.

Atlanta Engagement Photography by Kari and Carlton Mackey

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