Sunday, May 1, 2011

Experiencing the glo...

Experiencing the glo is not a concept. It is as real as seeing the sweat bead up on Nicole Johnson's face and feeling your heart begin to race as if you were the person who just moved across the floor...body pulsating not to the rhythm of the music but to the rhythm of those heartbeats in the crowd now racing as they witness uniqueness.

It is as real as the pain you feel in the back of your leg when you see the smeared stain -the color of red roses on the back thigh of Virginia Coleman.

It is as real as your desire to be on the floor, arms stretched like a herring, feet as nimble as a baby's until you are indeed invited to join in.

This IS the glo.

This is what we experienced today.

This is what Isaiah knew instantly to be as real as the sound of his own laughter.

He had received a blessing from Lauri Stalling when his face was yet to be revealed. Today he was able to thank her...face to face and to reflect back the glo.


Experience the glo.

Chapter III - This is a World - The final phase of a new creation by gloATL

Images captured Sunday May 1, 2011 - Goodson Yard at the Goat Farm by Kari and Carlton Mackey - My True Vision Photography

More reflections on gloATL by Carlton Mackey:Art in Unexpected Places

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