Friday, April 8, 2011

Me and My Family Thank You...and We Thank You Back

My True Vision, is exactly like it says “True”   To be exposed to this experience and treated like a celebrity was exciting.  This was our second time around so we couldn’t wait for the appointment.  The opportunity to have a say in how your pictures are shot, taken, and produced is something rare.  Most folks pray that their pictures will come out okay, especially when you have no other options other than Olan Mills or the Mall.  Coming into this, there are so many variables to consider that you can’t at all do at a commercial photo shoots.  You have the option to change wardrobes, change backgrounds, use the outdoors,  and change poses.  From start to finish the experience was invaluable.  Anybody that has blessing and opportunity to take pictures with you and My True Vision will be lucky and very pleased.  Me and my family Thank You.  - Jason


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