Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Makenzie Is One Adorable Little Girl.

Peek a Boo
I was delighted to hear that one of my best friends from high school and his wife were expecting their first child. Kari and I decided immediately the gift that we were going to give them. After a couple months of planning, Danny and Vee made the trip down to Atlanta. It was a wonderful to have them come down and spend some time with us. We laughed, ate, and kissed Makenzie all weekend...and then it was time to cash in on that gift. It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and we certainly made the best of it. I took a few photos in between rounds of mushing my face into Makenzie's cheeks.
Daniels Family
Mother and Daughter
I See You
Beautiful Little Girl
Family in the Park
Family in the Park
Photography by Kari and Carlton Mackey | www.mytruevision.com


  1. Makenzie is a beautiful little girl.
    Great photos.


  2. What a beautiful baby! She is adorable!!!